Morocco – Serbia: Bilateral Cooperation

Moroccan Ambassador to Serbia held a meeting about bilateral cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Information Maja Gojković talked today with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mohammed Amine BELHAJ, about the cultural ties between Serbia and Morocco.

Gojković and Belhaj agreed that cooperation in the field of culture is extremely important for the improvement of the overall relations between the two countries and pledged to work together to promote culture and deepen the overall cultural cooperation.

Gojković thanked the ambassador for his personal contribution to the improvement of relations and pointed out that in the coming period it is possible to further improve the cooperation in the culture of Serbia and Morocco.

The Minister of Culture and Information pointed out that, regardless of the geographical distance between the two countries, the citizens of Serbia are very interested in getting better acquainted with the cultural scene in Morocco and noted that the combination of tourism and culture, for which Morocco is known, is especially important.

Ambassador Belhaj pointed out that in order to  deepen friendly relations, it is important to establish more dynamic cooperation between cultural institutions  and emphasized that the focus in bilateral relations will be on cooperation in culture, in order to build bridges between the two nations.

Within the realization of the program of cooperation in the field of culture, Belhaj especially advocated for strengthening cooperation between national theaters, in the field of music and choreography, visiting exhibitions, as well as cooperation in the field of cinematography and in the field of cultural heritage protection.

Gojkovic and Belhaj talked about the “Moroccan Film Days“ project which was supposed to take place in 2021 where  five  first-run films will be projected. However, it has been postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic. Belhaj pointed out that work is being done on creating a “Moroccan Corner” for the Moroccan language and culture at the Faculty of Philology.

The Minister of Culture and Information thanked Morocco for its great support regarding the protection of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, reminding that the Kingdom of Morocco voted against the admission of Kosovo to UNESCO.


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