Hit-and-run driver kills 5 Pedestrians in Germany

The driver, a 51-year-old local, was stopped after he drove around 800 meters down the pedestrian street.

Trier, Germany – 5 people were killed, and 14 others wounded on Tuesday as a man drove an S.U.V. down a pedestrian street in the city center. The man was immediately arrested and had his car confiscated by the police.

The driver, a 51-year-old local, was stopped after he drove around 800 meters down the pedestrian street. Heavily armed police officers stormed the area to secure it and allow rescue workers to help the wounded. Police officers immediately began collecting evidence to further investigate the incident.

Karl-Peter Jochem, A spokesman for the Trier police, said: “At this time, we cannot say anything about his motivation”. He also mentioned that the driver had resisted arrest and that interrogating him has proven difficult as he added: “We do not know why he did this and there are no indications in any direction; we first have to question him, which at the moment is very difficult.

The spokesman also said that the man no longer poses any danger to the public safety as he was acting alone. Despite that, he urged people to stay away from the city center for the time being.

The mayor of Trier, Wolfram Leibe, told reporters that the man will be brought to justice. As he broke down, Leibe said “I just walked through the city center and it was simply horrifying, there was a sneaker standing there. The girl it belongs to is dead.”. He would not say exactly how many people were harmed, but he previously mentioned that at least 15 people were seriously harmed.

A bystander took a grainy video that showed a silver S.U.V. being rammed by an unmarked police vehicle and three police officers surrounding and arresting the driver.

Trier, a Roman-founded city, is known to be the oldest German city. It is located in the wine-growing region of Mosel. The city center, which hosts a large pedestrian area, is also home to a Roman gate as well as a market square that is lined with medieval buildings. The area is known for being a busy Christmas market.


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