Turkey Denounces Algeria’s Claims and Reiterates its Support to Morocco’s Issue

Exclusive.. Ambassador of Turkey to Morocco “Moroccans and Turkish are brothers; they enjoy strong economic and cultural ties. We reiterate our support for securing the natural flow of traffic and civilians in Guerguerat crossing.”

Moroccan Sahara issue has witnessed a huge debate over the Guerguerat crossing blockade carried out by Separatist “Polisario” militia. Tons of Viral Fake news have spread the internet propagated by “Polisario”.

One of the fake claims by Algerian Media is that Turkey is reconsidering its stand over the Moroccan Sahara in a press release. Algerian media cited a security forces official as the source of the release.

However, Turkish Ambassador to Morocco Ahmet Aydın Doğan, has disapproved the validity of such news in an exclusive interview with MoroccoTelegram.

What is Turkey’s stand on Moroccan Sahara issue especially the peaceful securing of Guerguerat crossing?

In his response to Morocco’s peaceful intervention in securing the natural flow of traffic and civilians in Guerguerat crossing, the spokesman of Exterior Ministry reiterated the importance of keeping the crossing safe and running to guarantee the flow of traffic between Morocco and Mauritania. He also stressed that Turkey supports Morocco’s efforts in working to reach a fair and permanent political solution within the framework of UN Security Council.

How do you view the bilateral relations between Morocco and Turkey?

Morocco and Turkey share strong bilateral cooperation ties. The peoples of Morocco and Turkey are friends and brothers. The two countries are in continuous bilateral cooperation and in contact concerning the developments of local, national and international issues.

How can the two countries improve bilateral relations especially in economy?

Our countries possess all the tools needed to improve their economic relations. There are two main projects on the Agenda: Commerce and Investment.

Visits and meetings are the backbone to achieving these projects. As a matter of fact, during her last visit to Morocco on January 14 and 15, 2020, Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkish Minister of Trade and Moroccan Minister of Trade have taken important decisions. They have also talked about the new changes of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Turkey and Morocco which takes place late January.

Despite the constraints of Covid-19 Pandemic, the FTA agreement modification between Morocco and Turkey has been successfully signed on August 24th, 2020.

Turkey has adopted a constructive approach to the new FTA agreement. Turkey understands Morocco’s worries about Trade Deficit and hopes this cooperation will lead to more balanced economic cooperation as well as promoting Morocco’s industrial offers concerning its local market and exports.

FTA agreement alone is but one of the economic tools which cannot make a difference alone. However, to play a pivotal role, it must be joined by other tools such as a Computer-integrated manufacturing, competitiveness, training, marketing, supporting small and middle companies and international openness.

Turkey is willing to cooperate in all these tools and exchange expertise with Morocco.

Concerning Turkey’s investments in Morocco, 160 Turkish companies are up and running in Morocco providing 10.000 job opportunities in different domains; distribution, textile, logistics, car manufacturing.

Turkey aims to increase and diversify its investments through cooperating with Moroccan authorities. Thus, it has proposed a cooperation draft for managing investments.

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