Thanks to Morocco’s Diplomacy, Libya Elect New President

After the Success of the Moroccan Diplomacy in Dispelling Their Disputes … Libyan Parliament Is Going to Hold a Plenary and Elect a New President

Asmahan Baloun, a representative in the House of Representatives, revealed today –Sunday- that the members gathered in Ghadames city surpass a hundred, which allows them to  hold a session for the council after its presidency’s failure, for four years, to hold a plenary.

According to the report of Libyan media, Baloun announced that the one hundred deputies represent the sufficient majority to hold a plenary, return of the House of Representatives to perform its duties, fulfill the obligations entrusted to it, and take the county out of the transitional phase.

Baloun stressed that the representatives gathered in Ghadames are amending the internal regulations of the council, and elect a new president. It will lead the rest of the transitional phase to presidential and legislative elections.



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