U.S. Secretary of State: “We hope that Moroccans can find a way through this.”

US hasn't changed its position regarding Morocco's issue of its Sahara

Washington – Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked a direct question about the U.S. administration’s stance on Morocco’s recent ‘skirmishes’ to clear out Guerguerat crossing from separatist Polisario Front’s protestors. 

Mr. Pompeo was also asked what his personal opinion was in dealing with the issue that’s been creating a security threat in the area for a long time.

To that, Mr. Pompeo answered with the following statement

Well look, we’ve put a statement about Morocco – our policy hasn’t frankly changed very much from where we were six months or even 24 months ago. We hope that Moroccans can find a way through this. We, just like in most conflicts in the world – our view is that it ought not be resolved through military means but through a set of conversations that can deliver good outcomes.”

Pompeo also reiterated that President Donald J. Trump is always trying to put American civilians and military personnel out of harm’s way. And for that, the Trump administration is putting a lot of its focus on diplomacy and is trying as hard as his administration can to solve all problems through diplomatic channels instead of military solutions.

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