Morocco Destroys Polisario Vehicle

Moroccan Sahara: Morocco stops Polisario Attack on Defense Wall

Amid recent clashes over Moroccan Sahara, Separatist Polisario Front has yet again attempted an attack on the Moroccan defense wall in Mahbes— Moroccan Sahara town close to the Algerian border.

An exchange of gunfire erupted between Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and separatist Polisario Front after armed Polisario militiamen drove a military vehicle along the defense wall in an attempt to attack it.

Morocco and separatist Polisario face-off led to the complete destruction of Polisario’s armed vehicle and the death of the militiamen on board.

In line with separatist Polsiario’s provocations, Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces seized weapons belonging to the Front east of the security wall, reported FAR MAROC.

According to the same source, “For more than two weeks, there has not been any provocations from the hostile Polisario militias. There has also not been any financial or human casualties affecting the Royal Armed Forces.”

The situation in Guergeret is under Morocco’s control since the 13th of November. Mauritania is also curbing the Front’s movements, preventing it from entering its territory, said FAR Maroc.

The events follow the US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara as of Thursday, December 10.

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