US Secretary: Morocco Role Model of Tolerance

US Secretary Mike Pompeo recently described Morocco as a role model of tolerance in the Middle East and the world.

The US Secretary had stated the following on the 11th of December: “Morocco’s efforts to promote tolerance – from its historical tradition of protecting its Jewish minority to signing the Marrakech Declaration to yesterday’s agreement with Israel – are a model for the region and for the world as a whole,” adding that “The United States, Israel and Morocco have chosen peace and the world is a better place,” further praising the decision to resume diplomatic relations between Israel and Morocco as another remarkable step towards peace.

On the same date, Ambassador Omar Hilale announced at the joint debate of the General Assembly on humanitarian assistance that Morocco is contributing to humanitarian action and peacekeeping operations around the world and particularly in Africa, further highlighting that Morocco has actually always been among the first countries to provide humanitarian aid whenever necessary to people affected by both natural disasters and armed conflicts reaching even more milestones in keeping and achieving peace.

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