US Ambassador Signs on the Moroccan Map as a Sign of Recognition

David Fischer's Signature on the Moroccan Sahara on the Map reflects a deep sign of support and recognition.

A major event was held today in the US Embassy whereby David Fischer, US Ambassador to the Moroccan Kingdom, answered questions surrounding the previous and upcoming breakthroughs of Morocco and the US.

The two countries have taken one more initiative into building even stronger relations. Fischer signed on the Moroccan Sahara in the Moroccan Map as a form of further recognition and gift of thanks to HM the King Mohamed VI for his latest breakthroughs with USA and Israel, praising His Majesty for his wisdom and planning, and further clarifying how such achievements are contributing to peacekeeping and the regain of Morocco’s rights.

When asked about the US recognition of Moroccan Sovereignty over the Moroccan Sahara and upcoming announcements about the matter, US Ambassador David Fischer clarified that the administration’s position on World peace and prosperity for Morocco is very clear, and that the signing of the Map is merely a step along the way to show such a position in print. Officially adopting the new full Moroccan map clearly highlights the United States’ willingness to support Morocco.

The Ambassador also explained that American investments in and with Morocco have been and will remain continuous on the long run. “Morocco is our oldest partner, and we have invested in and with Morocco for decades, and we will continue doing that”, since it is the office’s belief that “prosperity and industry is a primary way towards security”

When asked by Morocco Telegram journalist Zakaria El Hajji on whether Biden administration would follow Trump’s steps concerning the Moroccan Sahara, the US Ambassador responded by the following: “I cannot speak for another administration, but I’m very confident that they have spoken of the fact that they are in favor with the Abraham accords, and they believe that peace in this part of the world is absolutely imperative for a safe and secure future” reassuring that “this is the way to go” as much as the current office is convinced of the matter for a more secure future.

The US Ambassador even spoke prior to this of intentions to visit Dakhla or Laayoune for touristic purposes himself, showing the United States’ support and the strong Moroccan American relations.

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