52 People arrested for Violating State of Emergency.

Casablanca: 52 people of different nationalities arrested for violating the state of emergency.

Agents affiliated with the State Authority of the Judicial Police in Casablanca managed to arrest 52 people, of different nationalities, on suspicion of being involved in violating the state of emergency and using a residential villa as a nightclub to facilitate prostitution, mediate corruption, promote drug use and serve alcoholic drinks without a license.

A statement by the General Directorate of National Security stated that the investigation procedures supervised by the Public Prosecutor resulted in the detection of a residential villa near the coastal strip of Ain Diab in the city of Casablanca.

The villa is being used as a nightclub without a license and has managers, night guards, and waiters, and serves alcoholic drinks and narcotics. Along with Cocaine and Ecstasy for clients, the runners bring females to facilitate prostitution and mediate corruption.

The statement indicated that the searches carried out in the context of this case resulted in the seizure of 41 alcohol bottles of various types and capacities, 30 tablets of ecstasy, doses of cocaine, hookah bottles, bags of molasses, in addition to musical instruments and sound equipment.

According to the report, all the arrested persons were kept under the measure of pre-trial custody on the background of the judicial search ordered by the public prosecutor, to uncover all the criminal acts attributed to those involved in the matter, as well as identifying all the circumstances, and backgrounds of this case. This comes in the context of intense and continuous efforts made by the security services, to ensure the proper and resolute implementation of the health emergency and to combat all criminal acts.

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