Pompeo: Morocco ‘Sets an Example for Peace in the Region’

Morocco sets an example to the region and throughout the world

“Morocco sets an example to the region and throughout the world,” says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo following Morocco’s decisions to resume diplomatic relations with Israel.

In a press statement made Friday, December 11, which came one day after Trump’s declaration of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Moroccan Sahara, Pompeo applauded the kingdom and Israel’s agreement to normalize ties, seeing it as a “remarkable step toward peace.”

The agreement will permit overflight and direct flights between Morocco and Israel, and strengthen economic cooperation between both parties, said Pompeo.

Pompeo went on to commend Morocco’s efforts to promote tolerance, from its historical tradition of protecting the Moroccan-Jewish community, the signing of the Marrakech Declaration which champions defending religious minorities in Muslim countries, to Thursday’s peaceful agreement with Israel.

In his statement, Pompeo also commented on the current situation in Morocco’s Sahara region, stating that “only political negotiations are capable of resolving the issues between Morocco and the POLISARIO,” and reiterating full support for Morocco’s autonomy plan.

The Moroccan autonomy initiative proposed to the United Nations in 2007 suggests that the Sahrawi people would run a government under the kingdom’s sovereignty.

Would the Biden Administration Follow Trump’s Steps?

Donald Trump has recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara region. Would the president-elect Joe Biden follow in those steps and continue to support Morocco’s claim?

United States Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer answered the question today, December 12, during a press conference in Rabat, following Trump’s recognition of the Moroccan Sahara.

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