Farida Loudaya sheds Light on Moroccan Sahara Issue

Morocco's ambassador to Colombia and Ecuador, Farida Loudaya provided important insights and information about the latest news.

Playing a major role in the reassurance of nations and clarification providing, Ambassador Farida Loudaya said that the United States’ recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara is a historic decision, calling it a direct result to over 45 years of Moroccans’ legitimate defense of the kingdom’s territorial integrity.

Speaking to the Colombian daily Primícia Diario, Loudaya added that the American decision, which is the result of various permanent consultations between HM King Mohammed VI and President Donald Trump, constitutes a major step and a pivotal turning point in the path of settling the fabricated regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara within the framework of  Sovereignty of the kingdom.

Loudaya also recorded that the US decision, which came as a result of a “pragmatic and successful” diplomacy, is of great importance because it comes from of a major world power, a major actor in the international arena, and an influential member of the UN Security Council.

In the same context, the Moroccan diplomat shed light on other aspects of the American decision, represented in the explicit support for the Moroccan Sovereignty, presented by the Kingdom as the only way to a just and lasting solution to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, the opening of a United States consulate in Dakhla, as well as the commitment to boost investments in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

Regarding the re-establishment of relations with Israel, Loudaya highlighted the long-standing values ​​of coexistence, peace, and tolerance prevailing in the Kingdom, which have always played an important role in promoting close relations between the peoples of the region, peace, and stability in the Middle East.

She also noted, in this regard, that nearly a million Moroccan Jews live in Israel and maintain strong relations with Morocco.

The Moroccan diplomat also mentioned Morocco’s permanent commitment to defend the Palestinian cause, the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and the Kingdom’s commitment to the two-state solution.

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