Citizens of Israel welcome Moroccans: “We only live for peace”

Some have even spoken of how welcoming Moroccans were.

In an interview recently conducted with Israelis and Arab citizens of Israel, it was clear how welcoming Israeli citizens are of Moroccans, and how happy they are with the latest normalization.
A Moroccan Jew stated in the interview: “We are very happy, us Jews of Israel, France, and all over the world, our country is always in our hearts, and we remain Moroccans wherever we may be.”
Many citizens stated that they are very happy with the normalization, and are welcoming Moroccans into their country. Some have even spoken of how welcoming Moroccans were to them as well in their visits to Morocco, stating that they would be equally joyful if Moroccans come to Israel.
“We are all humans, we are all people, and we love life. there is nothing more amazing than that. For what purpose do we live? For wars? No, no.. We only live for peace, for the purpose of visiting one another and exploring the wonders of nature or the makings of mankind in their own countries.” An Israeli Citizen beautifully said.

Another Israeli Citizen stated:” We are extremely happy, peace is a beautiful and joyous thing, and we invite the Moroccan people to visit us, to see that things are different and good and that they would be welcomed with much love and happiness.”
In another statement, one of the interviewees also spoke of the economic state, saying: “This will enhance our economy and theirs, and hearts will be open to one another, creating even better relations, and I believe there are many similar things between us, many Israeli citizens come from Arab and Arabic speaking countries.”
Moroccans living in Israel showed how proud they were of their roots, and Israelis as well as Arabs living in Israel shared this pride and joy with their fellow Moroccans showing the true spirit of peace, tolerance, and a high level of awareness, with a clarification on how this step also makes a better future for their children.

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