Exclusive: “Aji Souwet” Come Vote, Interview with Morocco Telegram

"Koulhoum bhal bhal" (They're all the same), what "Aji Souwet" (Come vote) had to say about politics.

Aji Souwet” is an apolitical and civic movement that aims to denote some famous sayings among Moroccan youngsters nowadays such as: “koulhoum bhal bhal” (They’re all the same, referring to political parties), “Ma 3andich M3a lsiyassa”(I am not into politics) and many others which express their disinterest in politics.

This newly born movement is organized by young Moroccan citizens aged between 18 and 25; who decided to use social media platforms to spread awareness about Moroccan politics and to encourage Moroccan youth to gather for the national elections of 2021, by registering on the electoral lists and going to the polls when time comes. They aim to make politics within our country more understandable and accessible to everyone and hopefully inspire the youngest to become actors of the political scene.

Why is this Movement Important?

“Aji souwet” claims on an interview with Morocco telegram that they believe that young people are a vector of positive change, and that instead of complaining, they should go to the polls and take the destiny of their country into their own hands. they strongly believe in a Better Morocco through voting, they believe that despite the rate of abstentions in recent years, today’s youth are more aware of the essential issues of society, more aware of accountability and good governance, and they believe that youth who dream of a better Morocco, promoting social justice, and equality can contribute to this new Morocco through voting.

How Can this Movement Encourage Political Engagement?

The Movement can help young Moroccans register through a step-by-step video that explains the whole process, they are also planning to change the situation of voting for Moroccans living aboard. On the other hand, they are willing to use their different social platforms to present and talk about each Moroccan political party so that people can vote wisely. Last but not least, they try to bring Moroccans closer to the political scene by going on lives in which they answer all of their questions.

What’s Moroccans Feedback about the Movement?

Aji souwet” stated that they received a positive feedback from people thanking them for helping with the registration process and for making them change their perspective on politics. However, a quick look at the comments section on their social media accounts proves that they succeeded to make an impression.

They also made it clear that the end of the elections is not the end of their activities; they have bigger plans in the future to keep young Moroccans interested and engaged in the political life.

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