US: Internet Censorship Exposed

The never-ending debate on freedom of speech and internet censorship continues to make headlines even during time of dire crisis.

As much as it is admirable to look up at these business moguls’ accomplishments and never seen economic growth, it is equally concerning to democracies to contain this overwhelming power.

For years the EU fought against AMAZON and Facebook to regularize and limit its spread of influence and reck of havoc over local businesses while they were relatively successful, the same cannot be stated for the US, a nation as divided as ever in terms of political beliefs and  obviously very crippled by the current economical set back, while heavily relying on big businesses namely Google, Facebook Twitter, Amazon to keep them afloat.

That’s when the conflict of interest comes to light, which was also blatantly showcased during the height of the Election cycle. After a certain incident where a famous News outlet (Newyork Post) claimed that evidence of Joseph Biden’s involvement with Chinese and Ukrainian forces was facilitated by his son’s business relations abroad surfaced.

Twitter hastily deleted the tweet and the official account of the newspaper, the same treatment was given to the white house’s spokesperson as well as the President of the united states, their accounts were suspended until further notice, this sparked outrage within the republican party lines, this led eventually to another trial of the three main CEOs (Facebook, google, twitter) in front of the senate.

There is a General consensus about the threat of big tech within Both Party Lines yet their reasoning is completely different. On one hand the republicans claim that these platforms oppose to conservative point of views and silence both public and private figures thus these legislators push for deregulations of free speech and let go of biases, on the other hand Democrats are scandalized by the lack of tight regulations of speech calling for harsh and immediate restrictions on what could be expressed and it could be expressed on social platforms.

While the debate continues to prove more challenging and undecisive, one thing is for sure, the power welded in the hands of Big tech is soon to transpire in other influential domains Politics being one of them.

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