OCP Ranks in Sustainable Development

Cherifian Office of Phosphates is well appreciated by international rating agencies

The OCP Group has obtained two new reviews from international agencies, Vigeo Eiris and Sustainalytics, specializing in the assessment of sustainability efficiency and the determination of environmental and social risk and governance levels.

The Moroccan group has been awarded the best performance rating by Vigeo Eiris, confirming its long- standing presence and leadership in the field of sustainable development, which has helped it to rank third in the world out of a total of 206 foreign companies in the mining sector and first among companies in emerging countries.


The overall performance appraisal of the OCP Group improved by 27 points compared to 2019, achieving a score of 66 out of 100, thanks to the progress being made in the areas studied by the Agency, such as the environment, human resources, human rights, community engagement and governance.

Companies are evaluated in terms of the general information and information they provide in response to the Agency’s questions, and the highest score recorded in all industries is 76 out of 100.

In this regard, the OCP Group was considered to be proactive in the dissemination of information.

As for the “Sustainalytics” Agency, the “Sustainability of Risks” report has been issued, with data that shows that the level of “environmental, social and institutional governance risks” has decreased significantly to 27.4, and this classification is based on the level of industry and the level of control over the three risks.

The International Agency for Sustainalytics ranked the OCP Group as one of the best performers out of 52 companies in the category of “Agricultural Chemicals.”

The results of the analysis carried out by the two international agencies confirm the responsibilities of the OCP Community as a responsible group, leading in particular to the extension of its strategy on sustainable development and social commitment.

Aware of the need to balance economic development with the conservation of resources, the OCP Group has been implementing for years a major sustainable transformation project that incorporates sustainability into its overall strategy.

The Group, the world leader in the market for phosphate fertilizers, has also adopted a strategy to improve its position as one of the most sustainable fertilizer producers in the world by integrating the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

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