Kushner: Grateful for HM King Mohammed VI Visionary Leadership

In his statement in Rabat, Kushner expressed how grateful he is for HM King Mohammed VI visionary Leadership and His Majesty's exciting course.

Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner expressed how thrilled he was to be standing in Rabat witnessing this new era of cooperation.

He further explained that Morocco and Israel have made huge strides to promote economic cooperation and new offices are going to be opened quickly.

Kushner considered this historic visit a productive one and that there are more visits to come, many agreements are ready and others drafted in different sectors waiting to be implemented.

He further expressed how grateful he is for His Majesty King Mohammed VI visionary leadership and exciting course.

He admitted that the trip to Morocco has captured his imagination. He said that Israelis’ main destination used to be Emirates. However, now, Morocco comes in as an important destination for Israelis.

Kushner reminded everyone of how close an ally Morocco is to USA. He also talked about Morocco being the first country to recognize the USA as a country.

He also applauded Morocco’s engagement with the UN to move forward and that the new US consulate in Dakhla will advance tangible efforts of Morocco and USA and that this is a new era of tolerance brokered by Trump.

These new ties will allow people to get to know each other more and understand common positive interests as this is a path towards stability and prosperity.

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