Morocco: Launch of Agricultural Technology Convoy

Ben Guerir (Rehamna province)- the agricultural technology convoy “AgriTech” which aims at putting digital technology in the service of small farmers was launched on Thursday December 24th.

The convoy was launched by “AgriEdge”, the ecosystem business unit of Mohammed VI University of Technology, in partnership with Sutrig regional transport company. It will arrive first in Laayoune, Safi, El-Jadida, and Khouribga.

Abdelaziz Ait Mberic, the regional director of agriculture in Rehamna, told MAP about this initiative that helps introduce farmers to micro-farming. Stressing that this convoy is a part of the work of Mohammed VI University of Technology and its openness to its external world.

He further added that the convoy will approach farmers and conduct all necessary research to promote the application of techniques related to micro-farming by farmers in the region and all areas where the convoy will arrive.

He added that this work will allow farmers to learn about different technologies to better control the use of irrigation techniques and options (water technology, irrigation periods, and plants needs). Clarifying that they are “essential techniques, especially during this period which witnesses climate changes and requires the farmer to adapt to the circumstances surrounding him”.

He also mentioned the importance of informing farmers of various techniques in this area, and encouraging them to adopt crops that adapt with climate change and practice them in their areas of production. Highlighting that other topics of e-marketing and the use of means of communication by fields and farms will also be addressed in order to obtain the necessary information, including soil analysis and water conservation.

Faisal Al-Sahbawi, director general of AgriEdge, pointed that this unit, which is a part of Mohammed VI University of Technology, concerns micro-agriculture and the development of digital services; aimed at helping farmers rationalize the use of water resources, fertilizers, organic health products and the improvement of their production.

He emphasized the importance of combining these services and providing them to the farmer. Adding that this convoy will arrive first in the cities of Laayoune, El-Jadida, Safi, and Khouribga. Secondly, it will arrive in other areas of the kingdom so as to better train farmers to use these digital tools and show their importance in agricultural production.

Manal Al-Khalidi, director of Agricultural Services Development at AgriEdge, said that after the development of many services tested in field experiments, it is time to bring these solutions closer to farmers. Explaining that it has led to the organization of this convey aimed at bringing these digital technologies closer to the farmer and encourage them to use them.

On this occasion, the organizers set up a gallery to explain these different techniques and innovations to farmers, particularly irrigation and the use of drones, as well as the presentation of innovative agricultural programs.

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