Morocco calls for More Investments from Moroccans Abroad

Morocco wants to see more social and economic investments from Moroccans residing abroad.

Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Craft & Social Economy signed today, December 28, a partnership agreement with the Delegate Ministry in Charge of Moroccans residing abroad and the Cooperative Development Office, with the aim of encouraging Moroccans residing abroad to invest in the kingdom’s economy.

The partnership agreement serves as a call to skilled Moroccans living in foreign countries to share their expertise and contribute to the advancement of their country’s socio-economic sector.

As part of the agreement, the minister of tourism, Nadia Fettah, and the minister delegate of Moroccans abroad, Nezha El Ouafi, also agreed on an action plan that will encourage collaborations between tourism and craft sectors. The plan, which is agreed to last for ten years (2021-2030), will support 80% of craft and tourism stakeholders.

The agreement between the two ministries comes in accordance with Article 16 of the Moroccan Constitution, which stipulates that “All citizens contribute to the common defense of the homeland.”

Morocco has a large diaspora living worldwide, including highly-educated professionals, from academics and researchers to senior executives. According to estimates from the World Intellectual Property Organization, at least 400,000 Moroccans living abroad hold either a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree.

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