Hatem Ali, Syrian Director dies at 58

The pioneer of historical drama, the Syrian director Hatem Ali, died on Tuesday 29 December, in Cairo at the age of 58 due to a heart attack.

Many Arab actors and directors mourned loss of Hatem Ali on social media, and expressed their shock at his sudden departure.

“Grief is great, words cannot describe our regret, sadness, and loss. The hardest part is that we’re apart and we cannot say farewell to those we lost, nor can we console each other.” said Syrian actress Sulafa Mimar in a post on Instagram.

Moroccan actor Rabie Kati also expressed his sorrow over the loss of the Syrian director and talked about the memories they shared during the making of many historical series: Sakr Quraish (Quraish Hawk), Rabea Qurtoba (Córdoba Spring) and Molouk Al Tawaef (The kings of sects).

The award-wining director is considered one of the most influential directors of Arab historical and contemporary dramas. His works have been marked in the memory of the Arab audience during the last two decades, such as Four Seasons, Al-Farouq Omar and Zeer Salem.


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