Voluntary Abortion Legalized in Argentina

Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy up to 14 weeks prior will be permitted in Argentina under the new law.

Argentina has finally joined last Wednesday a handful of South American countries which legalize abortion.

The vote for this law has stirred huge debate which lasted for more than 12 hours before Senate President Cristina Kirchner confirmed it. The confirmation of the law has led numerous pro-abortion activists to take to the street and celebrate in the capital Buenos Aires.

President, Alberto Fernandez, expressed how hundreds of thousands of illegal abortions take place in the dark every year resulting in the death of at least 3.000 women since 1980. Alberto Fernandez is the one to propose this bill earlier last year.

This point-turning bill has succeeded in a country of 44 million in spite of the huge opposition of the Evangelical Christians and traditional Roman Catholics. Pope Francis tweeted his indirect disapproval of such a bill ahead of the vote.

In South America only Uruguay, Cuba and Guyana allow voluntary abortion applying extreme restrictive abortion laws in the world.

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