Suspicious Ties Between QATAR and Separatist  “Polisario”

Qatar's tempering with Animal Evolution in South Morocco coincides with Morocco's sovereignty over its territory triggers anger among Moroccans

After Qatar had reluctantly shunned the idea of opening a consulate in Morocco, it had instead sent its second man in the Qatari regime, “Joaan bin Ahmed Athani”, to provoke Moroccans by sniping near the security wall in the Moroccan Sahara.

The reserve where he chose to spend a two-week period of entertainment in the Qatari reserve in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara is dedicated to breeding squid. His visit triggered huge rage among Moroccans as it coincided with the media attack launched by Qatar on Morocco about its first national Cause, the Moroccan Sahara, which has increased in intensity since the American recognition of its sovereignty and Morocco’s resumption of its diplomatic relations with Israel.

The first Qatari reserve is located in the Mahbas region, which is the area that Separatist “Polisario” mercenaries tried to attack before the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces responded with all courage, which raises the question about the suspicious relations between Qatar and the fictitious entity, and the real visit of this Qatari visit to the region.

What supports this proposal is the allocation by Qatar of a special plane to transport the Chief of Separatist “Polisario” Ibrahim Ghali to Zambia years ago, and Qatar allowing to tamper with animal revolution in exchange for suspicious actions aimed at prejudicing Morocco’s interests in the Moroccan Sahara issue. Charges for internal separatists in exchange for their support in destabilizing the Moroccan state.

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