Algerian Ambassador to Morocco to be Summoned in Rabat

Morocco's Foreign Ministry plans to summon Algeria's Ambassador to Morocco according to credible sources.

Morocco’s Foreign Ministry plans to summon Algeria’s Ambassador to Morocco according to credible sources.

The Ambassador will be summoned to give clarifications about the huge attack the Algerian Media undertake about Morocco and its integrity especially that they use official media outlets to broadcast fake news about Morocco.

Such practice would only trigger rage and hatred among the two peoples of Morocco and Algeria over unreal, made-up, stories.

The attack started first by unofficial media outlets on social media networks displaying pictures and videos about war in south Morocco especially after US recognition of Moroccan Sahara.

However, things hasn’t stopped there. Official media outlets in Algeria have started displaying fake facts about Morocco to tarnish Morocco’s image for the Algerian people.

Moroccan authorities have been following up all fake news and have managed to prove the original pictures misused to promote hatred and rage among Algerians and Moroccans.

Morocco has taken a considerable time to process such childish actions and finally decided to summon the Algerian Ambassador to Morocco over a meeting. On the other hand, Algeria has frequently summoned the Moroccan Ambassador to Algeria on every little occasion to bombard him with futile questions.

Such a gesture from Morocco only reflects how Morocco’s Diplomacy is based on logic and patience rather than haste and reactions.

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