US Consulate in Dakhla: Morocco-U.S. Friendship Enhanced

David Fischer expressed his appreciation and pride for being the first ambassador ever to visit Dakhla, feel the Moroccan soil and to take the historical friendship further.

In the presence of the United States ambassador to Morocco David Fischer and his wife, the Minister of Foreign affairs Nacer Bourita, the Wali of Laâyoune Dakhla region and virtually government official Adam Boehler, an official visit was held this morning Sunday 10th January in Dakhla for the opening of an American consulate as a wavering support.

David Fischer expressed his interest in Dakhla describing it as elegant and beautiful. Mentioning the hospitality and warmth of the citizens, he also expressed his appreciation and pride for being the first ambassador ever to be in Dakhla, feel the Moroccan soil and to take this historical friendship further.

Moroccan FM Nasser Bourita stated the importance of today’s visit to the southern provinces after the historical inevitable and obvious statement made by Donald Trump where a recognition proclamation of Moroccan Sahara has been signed as a result of months of negotiations and that Morocco has the only just and lasting solution to resolve the faith of its territory.

“Every US president since Bill Clinton Has supported the Moroccan autonomy as a path to peace” said David Fischer, not denying that the US has been investing in the future of the southern region of Morocco since President Obama, focusing on job creation and strengthening civil society.

David Schenker in this visit, takes trumps proclamation and makes it a reality expanding the presence of the US government in the southern provinces. His majesty’s vision and Constant communication for the friendship that is made clear in recent meetings laid the path for today’s visit, “I give my sincere thanks to the king Mohammed VI without whom, from dedication to the US-Moroccan
friendship, this wouldn’t be possible and that was essential to make today’s visit possible” declared David Fischer.

The opening of the US consulate in Dakhla is also a starting point of future investments and part of the development and recognition of Morocco’s autonomy as Nacer Bourita affirmed, and what his Majesty King Mohammed VI aspired to within the framework of the new development model of the southern

After a meeting with all of the ambassadors in Washington to explain the Moroccan situation, maps got updated to include southern provinces as part of the Moroccan soil all over US administration.

This position reinforces Morocco’s stand for the Sahara case. This support is part of an international dynamic for the integrality of the Moroccan Sahara, and Morocco will react rigorously to any threat to the safety of the country and its citizens.

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