Rabat – 11th Session of Defense Advisory Committee

In accordance with His Majesty, King of Morocco, Mohammed VI’s instructions concerning the convening of the 11th session of the Defense Advisory Committee.

8725Abdellatif Loudiyi, Moroccan Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of National Defense Administration received today Tuesday, January 12th, Anthony Tata, US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, who is on a three-day work visit in Morocco leading a high US Army Delegation.

According to the General Command of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces release, the officials expressed their satisfaction during their investigations concerning the strong ties and the exceptional historical and strategic relations binding the USA to Morocco.

In addition to that, the release expressed that the two officials confirmed their will to improve these bilateral relations within the framework of friendship and understanding as well as the reciprocal trust between the USA and Morocco.

In line with this, the officials expressed the importance of the US official recognition of the Moroccan Sahara and Morocco’s sovereignty over its territories.

Thus, according to the same source, the US official recognition makes of the Autonomy Proposal the only realistic solution to the regional conflict surrounding Southern Moroccan territories.

The officials affirmed that this historic event will undoubtedly result in positive outcomes over the Geostrategy of the region as well as on peace, stability, security and economic integrity in the Maghreb, Sahel and Middle East.

On his part, Loudiyi, reiterated Morocco’s fixed commitment under His Majesty, King of Morocco, Mohammed VI leadership as well as being an important active factor in the regional stability through applying a multi-lateral strategy in the field of counterterrorism and illegal trafficking operations as well as managing the crisis of migration.

The officials have expressed their satisfaction with the positive results of the bilateral military cooperation.

This cooperation includes different fields such as training officials, exchanging expertise, organizing trainings on a wide range.

Loudiyi further encouraged bilateral military cooperation with the US through inviting the US Ministry of Defense to keep an eye on more opportunities of cooperation and implementation of common projects in the field of Moroccan Defense Industry.

Today, in accordance with His Majesty’s instructions, Moroccan Army Corps General received US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

On this occasion, a working session took place under the supervision of both Moroccan Army Corps General, Commander in Chief of the Royal Armed Forces, and US Under Secretary of Defense.

Following the working session, a general session took place attended by members of the American delegation, Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie, and Heads of the General Command bodies of the Royal Armed Forces.

The general session revolved around issues related to Military bilateral cooperation between Morocco and USA and ways to improve it.

The session of the Moroccan Advisory Committee takes place biennially in rotation between Rabat and Washington in the framework of military bilateral cooperation which concerns especially fields of training, military equipment and logistic.

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