Poland Signs Investment Declaration in Southern Morocco

Large Polish groups operating in different economic sectors have decided to invest in Morocco, particularly in the southern provinces.

Large Polish groups operating in different economic sectors have decided to invest in Morocco, particularly in the southern provinces.

During a working session Wednesday 13 January in Warsaw with the Ambassador of Morocco in Poland, Abderrahim Atmoun, several Polish operators expressed their wish to visit and invest in the southern provinces in a declaration signed on this occasion.

They also expressed their admiration for Morocco’s strategy for economic development, particularly at the regional level.

During this meeting, Atmoun presented the investment opportunities in the southern provinces of the Kingdom which have become an investment area par excellence thanks to their multiple tax and geographical advantages.

He also exposed the economic strengths of the Kingdom as a safe destination for investments and the gateway par excellence to Africa for Polish investors.

Atmoun further stressed that the Free Trade Agreements signed by Morocco with African countries make the Kingdom not only a relay point between Europe and Africa, but also a land for investment that offers attractive benefits to companies around the world.

On this occasion, Atmoun assured his interlocutors of the entire disposition of the Embassy of Morocco in Poland to provide the necessary support to any Polish company wishing to invest in the Kingdom, to support investors in their steps to settle in Morocco and thus facilitate contacts with all the concerned Moroccan partners.

The meeting was attended by Zbigniew Szkopek, Chairman of the Management Board of the company ALUMAST, specializing in the production of composite load-bearing structures: electricity, lighting and telecommunications poles, Piotr Gapanowicz, vice-president of the company EV Charge (Construction electric car charging infrastructure), Tomasz Gutkowski, member of the Supervisory Board of KZWM Ogniochron, a company specializing in the manufacture of firefighting equipment and materials.

In a statement on this occasion, the president of the company ALUMAST, Zbigniew Szkopek affirmed that the Polish company, strongly interested in investment opportunities in Morocco, wants to invest in the southern provinces and share its experience in this area with Moroccan partners, ensuring that this cooperation will be fruitful and beneficial for both parties.

He noted that the group’s decision to invest in the southern provinces comes at a time when the southern regions are experiencing remarkable economic growth thanks to large-scale projects launched in various fields, in addition to Morocco’s geographical place as an excellent gateway to Africa.

In this regard, he highlighted the climate of stability favorable to investment in Morocco, an attractive destination for foreign investors.

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