Time to Act, What’s After the Recognition of Moroccan Sahara?

During the Ministerial Conference in support of the Autonomy Initiative under Morocco's Sovereignty, FM Nasser Bourita called for implementing the Autonomy Initiative after numerous countries recognized the Moroccan Sahara.

During the Ministerial Conference in support of the Autonomy Initiative under Morocco’s Sovereignty held today Friday 15 January, co-chaired by Moroccan FM Nasser Bourita and attended on video-conference technology by more than 40 different countries, FM Bourita focused the conference’s rationale on what is after the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara?

Bourita strongly asserted that it’s high time countries moved from a mere recognition to an action plan to implement the Autonomy Initiative.

He further affirmed that the Autonomy Initiative is not a mere intellectual concept, but it is a pragmatic political path, a societal project and a constructive solution, which is already on the move.

Bourita explained that Morocco has moved to the implementation of the Autonomy Initiative and that is through establishing a democratic and orderly election of the genuine and legitimate representatives of the populations of the Moroccan Sahara. In addition to that, the new Development Model for the Southern Provinces and the advanced regionalization which make them all concrete steps currently being implemented towards the full realization of the autonomy status of the Sahara.

Bourita further cited His Majesty, King of Morocco, Mohammed VI’s quote that “The projects we have launched and those we will start, will position the Moroccan Sahara as an integrated economic hub. Called to serve as a link between Morocco and its African depth, it will assert itself as a hub for relations between countries in the region.”



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