Israel to Open Embassies in Morocco Soon

Fischer: "When it is time to do the deal, you do the deal."

David Fischer in his last press conference in Rabat declared that “by joining the Abraham Accords and reforging its partnership with Israel, Morocco is helping stabilize the region, while also opening commercial opportunities.”

He further explained that the fact that Morocco and Israel have reopened their trade offices, Israel and Morocco will soon open their Embassies in both countries soon.

Fischer further added that “nobody woke up in the morning and said let’s do this (open embassies)” But he affirmed that being a businessman, he fully knows that when it is time to the deal, the deal is done.

On their part, businesspeople and investors in Israel are reaching out to their counterparts in Morocco seeking to business there.

Furthermore, the Abraham Accords will further foster other economic growth for years to come. A case in point is Tourism which is expected to flourish as numerous Jews of Moroccan origin are eager to reunite ties with their old memories which they greatly value and reminisce over.

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