Covid-19 Variant hits Morocco

Morocco registers first case of Covid-19 variant infection in Tangier Port.

The Moroccan Ministry of Health announced today Tuesday the confirmation of the first infection of the new Coronavirus variant in the Port of Tangier.

The person concerned is a Moroccan man traveling from Ireland on a ship departed from Marcilia Port.

The Ministry further added that the man doesn’t show any symptoms and he is currently in quarantine in Casablanca and the other passengers have been dealt with according to protocol.

It’s worth noting that following the continuous update of the national health protocol for Covid-19 pandemic especially concerning monitoring infections, Morocco has adopted new measures for early detection and restriction of any Covid-19 variant cases. In addition to that, Morocco has updated measures of dealing with infected cases according to the national and international infection status.

The Ministry of Health promises to keep citizens updated and communicate all latest news as it has been doing since the beginning of this pandemic.

The Ministry further notifies citizens to abide by the preventive measures and follow wholeheartedly measures implemented by Morocco.

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