US: Morocco Provides Leads to Arrest US Soldier

Moroccan intelligence DGST provided important leads to uncover a US soldier plotting a terrorist attack on the 9/11 memorial in Manhattan

Thanks to bilateral cooperation between Morocco and USA in areas of counterterrorism and fighting organized crime, Moroccan intelligence agency DGST has succeeded in providing critical information that led to the arrest of a US soldier accused of plotting terrorist attacks targeting the 9/11 memorial in Manhattan as well as leaking sensitive information about US military to unknown ISIS members.

US Army private Cole Bridges went under different nicknames exchanging private information online with who he thought was an ISIS contact who turned out to be an undercover agent of FBI.

Moroccan Intelligence affirmed that the case dates back to September 2020 when they informed the US government about the intricacies of Bridges online activities.

On his part, Secretary Pompeo express his “pleasure meeting Director General Abdellatif Hammouchi today to reaffirm the importance of our counterterrorism and law enforcement cooperation” he further added that “we value our partnership with Morocco in the fight against terrorism and working together to advance peace and security.”

The court located evidence of documents and manuals Bridges leaked to what he thought was an ISIS contact. The documents and manuals provide step-by-step instructions on how to kill American forces through giving inside information about US Forces plots and strategies.

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