Karima Benyaich: This is Why Morocco is Successful

Ambassador Karima Benyaich lists the elements of success of Morocco: International commitment, Economic Development, Social Coexistence.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper Okdiaro, Moroccan Ambassador to Spain, Karima Benyaich revealed the secret recipe of Morocco’s worldwide Success.

In an atmosphere dominated by the repercussions of the economic crisis and the epidemic of coronavirus, most of Moroccans affirm strong faith in their country and its capabilities to overcome these hard times. It is the type of citizens Morocco should be always proud of.

In her interview, Karima Benyaich explained the factors for this renaissance and optimism in Morocco, especially during the reign of HM King Mohammed VI.

Benyaich summarized success elements of Morocco mainly in: infrastructure, security, human rights, tourism, economic flexibility, and coexistence

Infrastructures:  Morocco has more than 1,800 kilometers of highways that connect major cities. There are plans to construct more of this in the future. By 2030, Morocco will have had the world’s largest solar power plant, capable of producing 52% of the renewable clean energy.

The most powerful example of economic growth is the port of Tangier Med, whose geographical location makes it a link between Europe, Africa and America. It is an importation export platform with a capacity of 3.4 million containers. These figures place it at the forefront of African shipping ports. Tangier Med port has become a magnet for foreign investments, as there are more than 900 international companies operating in the auto industry, aviation, textile and many other industrial sectors.

Security: Karima Benyaich confirmed that Morocco is internationally known as a stable country with great security effectiveness. Moreover, it is also an advanced partner in war against terrorism. The International community recognizes Morocco’s successful experience in fighting extremism. HM King Mohammed VI has been a pioneer in establishing a training institute for the Imams, which aims to emphasize the values ​​of tolerance and openness in the religion of Islam. Morocco is also involved in the fight against illegal immigration and cooperates with Europe on main security issues. This was achieved thanks to the well qualified human resources in national security department that care about state safety inside and outside, Abdelatif Hamouchi is one of those dignitaries. The superior officer is praised in foreign media, and he  is widely known throughout Europe. He was awarded the order of the Grand Cross of Merit by the Spanish government. Among his major achievements is improving the manners of police stuff. Many Moroccans now, thanks to Hamouchi’s renovations, have changed their stereotypes towards the police administration

Human rights: Morocco is still making great seeks to ameliorate the  human rights of its people. Many measures have already been taken, especially with regard to women’s rights and national reconciliation. In his speeches, the king always asserts commitment to international human right charters as the basis for any economic development.

Tourism: like Spain, it is a major driver of the Moroccan economy. While the pandemic crisis is expected to subside soon, the “24th General Tourism Assembly” will be held in Morocco, an opportunity to show the world the potentials in this sector. The touristic offers in Morocco are varied in terms of climate, geographical landscapes, culture, Arts & crafts, and the Moroccan cuisine, which is considered among the best in the world.

Economic Flexibility: unlike many other countries, Morocco has maintained foreign companies active during the lockdown. After the emergence of the Corona epidemic, companies were allowed to continue working, but have to respect of the protocol that includes several hygienic and preventive measures, the Moroccan government provided financial aid to workers whose companies stopped temporarily during the pandemic.

Face masks, a clear example of the success of the Moroccan economy in adapting quickly to the pandemic. The process of manufacturing face masks took place in large numbers and in a short time, HM King Mohammed VI, showing his solidarity to his continent, provided part of this production and an amount of medicines to 20 most in need countries in Africa.

Social Coexistence:  Moroccans are generally considered open-minded. They are generous, passionate about life, and loving of others. Tolerance, solidarity, and coexistence are among the basic ethics of this wonderful people.

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