Morocco Helps Disassemble Criminal Network

Moroccan Security Forces Take Part in International Investigation to Disassemble a Dangerous Criminal Network Operating Between Morocco and Spain

Moroccan Security Forces have received a list of names wanted internationally, including Moroccans with such charges as human trafficking and forgery, working between Spain and Morocco.

Morocco will participate in an international investigation after getting information concerning the exploitation of illegal Moroccan immigrants in degrading conditions and imposing 3000-10000 Euros on each victim in order to provide them with documents to settle in Spain.

The Immigration Office reported that it had received a large number of administrative requests of Moroccan citizens, counting registration certificates at similar addresses.

Moroccan names were mentioned in an international network of human trafficking and naturalization. 11 people were arrested in an operation that lasted nearly a year and involved different security units.

Investigations initiated by Security Forces established that the network leader is directly involved in forgery and deception aimed at obtaining citizenship. He opts for forging documents to provide a migrant with a residence permit, on the basis of social assets and witnesses from the families of the network members so as to claim that the person concerned is Hispanic, but the mother/father is of the original nationality.

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