Morocco Closes Maritime Borders

Since last Wednesday, Morocco has taken the decision to close its maritime borders and suspend all special trips with Italy and France until further notice.

Morocco has closed its maritime borders until further notice. GNV France would have learned, with little certainty, that they will be reopened this Monday, February 8th. Meanwhile, GNV Italy has confirmed that Moroccan borders remain closed and that there may not be a Genoa – Tangier Med trip before February 25th, 2021.

Morocco could reopen its maritime borders starting from mid-February. Within this framework, authorities are working to set up a new maritime health protocol in order to guarantee health security for all travelers on board ships, but most importantly, to avoid any form of falsification of PCR tests.

In addition to presenting a negative PCR test less than 72 hours before boarding, this new health protocol requires all travelers to take a second PCR test once on board the ship.

Moreover, only travelers who have provided a valid reason for their trip will be authorized on trips to and from France and Morocco, with the possibility of transporting goods, if and only if France reopens its borders to everyone.

It appears that the various offices of shipping companies are not sure about the date for reopening Morocco’s maritime borders. This situation creates a situation of discomfort amongst Moroccans living abroad (MRE), especially in Europe (France and Italy) who wish to visit Morocco or return to Europe.

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