Morocco: 24 Casualties in Flooded “Clandestine” Factory in Tangier

Tangier: Around 24 Casualties in a Flooded "Clandestine" Textile Factory Local authorities, police and civil protection units intervened and 10 people were rescued

On Monday morning, February 8th, local authorities of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region were called up to a clandestine textile industrial unit located in an underground garage in a residential villa in Hay Inass, in the Mors region of Tangier. The industrial unit was subjected to a rainwater leak, which caused the trapping of a number of people who were working inside.

Local authorities, police and civil protection units intervened and 10 people were rescued. They were then transferred to the regional hospital to receive necessary aid. The corpses of 24 others have also been recovered, while searches continue to find and rescue the rest of the potentially trapped workers.

Authorities have started investigations under the supervision of the General Prosecution to reveal the circumstances and causes of this accident and delineate responsibilities.

Local media reported the possibility of an electrical surge, but authorities have not yet confirmed this news.

It should be recalled that heavy rains in early January caused floods in major streets in the economic capital of Casablanca, resulting in at least 4 casualties following the collapse of ramshackle homes.

According to a climate-change report issued by the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies in 2016, floods are considered to be the main cause for casualties in Morocco.

In September 2019, 24 people died when a passengers’ bus capsized due to torrential floods, while 7 others were killed in the same period as a result of a flood that hit a random soccer field located near a valley.

In 2014, about 50 people died in floods that struck the southern region of Morocco, and resulted in considerable losses.

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