“The Sahara Conflict is Settled”, A Russian News Agency Reported

The “artificial” conflict over Moroccan Sahara has been “settled", claiming that the international community supports Morocco's full sovereignty over the Sahara

According to MAP, Russian news agency “RIA FAN” has confirmed that the “artificial” conflict over Moroccan Sahara has been “settled”, claiming that the international community supports Morocco’s full sovereignty over the Sahara.

Vladimir Sharapov, author of the article, said that the Separatist Polisario Front “is not in a position to enter into confrontation with the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces”, adding that “Polisario’s propaganda is nothing but an attempt to attract attention.”

He added that the fake news reported by the Polisario on the situation in Moroccan Sahara, including the “resumption of war”, “is nothing but exaggerated statements”, stressing that the separatists are not capable of confronting the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces, as an “an open confrontation will end in a total defeat for the separatists.”

In opposition to the separatists’ claim, “many countries have opened diplomatic representations in the Sahara region, and France, which is in favor of a just solution, is not opposed to autonomy in the Sahara, an initiative presented by Morocco to achieve a settlement of the conflict”, noting that only the Polisario, Algeria and South Africa have expressed discontent over the matter.

It should be recalled that Morocco has presented since 2007 an official Initiative for Autonomy in Moroccan Sahara, which constituted a real desire on the part of Morocco to put an end to the artificial conflict over the Saharan matter. This was welcomed by many international and regional bodies which saw in this initiative a bold and logical solution to defuse the crisis.

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