Palestinian Officials Commend HM King Mohammed VI’s Support for Palestinian Educational Institutions

Palestinian officials praised today, Tuesday, the support that His Majesty King Mohammed VI allocates to the education sector in Al-Qods and Palestine, especially through His Majesty’s directive for the work of Bayt Mal Al-Qods Acharif Agency, affiliated to Al-Quds Committee.

On the occasion of announcing the grants allocated for research and studies at Al-Quds University and the King Hassan II College for Environmental Sciences and Agriculture in Gaza, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Morocco, Jamal Al Shobaki, praised Morocco’s role, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Chairman of Al-Quds Committee, in support of the Palestinian cause and His Majesty’s supervision of the “appreciated work carried out by Bayt Mal Al-Qods Acharif Agency.”

Al Shobaki also praised the efforts made by the agency, especially in social and economic fields, adding that it has succeeded in implementing important projects in the Holy City of Al-Quds that mainly included sectors of health, education, youth, sports and housing.

He said that the Agency’s support for education and the publication of books and studies is important for preserving the Palestinian identity and protecting the cultural and civilizational heritage, whether in Al-Qods or in other Palestinian cities, noting that “these efforts and initiatives are the best testimony to the value of support provided by the Kingdom of Morocco to the Palestinian cause and to protect Al-Qods from attempts to obliterate its cultural and religious features.”

For his part, President of Al-Azhar University in Gaza, Ahmed Al-Tayan, praised “the honor of His Majesty the King by financing reconstructions of the once-completely-destroyed Agriculture and Veterinary College in Gaza, from His Majesty’s own money with an amount of more than 7 million US dollars.” Al-Tayan also noted that His Majesty suggested that the college bears the name of his father, late King Hassan II, affirming in this context the strong ties between Palestinians and Moroccans.

For her part, Vice President of Al-Quds University, Dr. Safa Nassereldin, expressed the university’s gratitude for His Majesty’s care for the city and its sanctities, praising, at the same time, the continuous support provided by His Majesty to support Palestinian people in the face of all crises afflicting them, especially in these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As for the Director of Education in Al-Quds, Samir Gabriel, he reviewed the achievements of Bayt Mal Al-Qods Acharif Agency in the field of education, under the generous auspices of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, recalling the acquisition of real estate and converting them into schools, such as An-Nahda School and Salah Ad-Din School, and building new schools such as Hassan II School in Wadi al-Joz, and Al-Masirah High School in Shu’fat, in addition to a number of school reforms and development projects which included ten schools under the “Madrassati Al-Jamila” program.

It is noteworthy that, following this meeting, Bayt Mal Al-Qods Acharif Agency signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with the Palestinian University of Al-Quds, on allocating incentive scholarships for students and research professors to work on topics of interest to Al-Quds’s present, history, religious and cultural heritage, as well as aspects of Moroccans’ connection to it.

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