Opinion: The Uprise of Podcast

Thirst for unstructured point of view

As with everything in life, communication tools and mediums have known alongside technology the biggest leap especially since the first world war with utilizing the radio and making one voice resonate with thousands if not millions of people, not too long after that television revolutionized communication while providing a large range of entertainment options which only amplified throughout the years. Currently this invention called the internet made information available at the tip of one’s finger. Unlike “tradition” media approach to select and filter out the news given to their audiences. The average person can willfully and willingly seek out the news and information.

This big exodus from institutionalized platforms is costing networks big bucks, while ratings are dropping and views are getting scarcer. Meanwhile in the virtual realm, podcasts and independently hosted shows seem to be far more successful and appealing to the wide audience that consists mainly of millennials, gen-Z and gen-Y internet users. Generations that distanced themselves from subscribing to one school of thought allowing them to explore other options via forums or comments, thus forging more malleable views.

The demand for this alternative form of communication is at an all-time high, the relaxed more natural and laid-back manner of debate/conversing, rather than the rehearsed often predictable exchange of correct speech is a breath of fresh air.

The old school rigid cross interview methods proved out to be an unproductive, not transparent exchange most importantly people are starting to lose trust in news outlets, and entertainment shows are losing the appeal, perhaps not in terms of revenue but ratings.

With this I will cite few Podcasts that caught my attention this past year while citing the reasons behind my intrigue and infatuation.

  • The classic Joe Rogan podcast: what started as an after show for the sport commentator became his main hustle, his sense of curiosity and willingness to host guests from all walks of life, created a heaven for those who seek unfiltered unmonitored conversations, free from any charges as long as you have internet.
  • Red Scare Podcast: described as a social commentary podcast hosted by Dasha Nekrasova and Anna Khachiyan,what sets them apart is the simple fact that they aren’t your average first generation eastern European Americanized individuals, not shying away from going against the grain of what pop culture has set in the public domain, laid back very ironic and borderline deemed offensive to those who live by the politically correct guidelines, in addition to them being self-deprecating , they embody the new NewYorkesque salon talk.
  • AB TALKS: An AE based podcast/ interview style that approach social media and media personalities with fierce and difficult questions on the spot, which brings out the raw side of each guess, while exploring racy and taboo subjects in the middle eastern context, hosted by the very successful businessman Anas Boukhach this podcast rose to prominence and gained a following and a loyal fan based fairly quickly.
  • SARDE after dinner: Lebanese based, this podcast is hosted by Médéa Azouri & Mouin Jaber right after the pandemic hit, most of the globe realized how society crumbled under the stress and the strain, problems often swept under the rug resurfaced, which pushed them to take this chance to explore these topics with a keen eye from different and diverse point of views.
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