Martin Nyaga Wambora: Morocco, a Great Hope for Successful Development in Africa

Chairman of Kenyan CoG also shed light on South-South cooperation initiated and defended by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Chairman of Kenyan CoG also shed light on South-South cooperation initiated and defended by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Yesterday Tuesday, March 9th, Martin Nyaga Wambora, Chairman of Kenyan Council of Governors (CoG) and Governor of Embu County, stressed in an interview with Morocco’s ambassador to Kenya, El Mokhtar Ghambou, that Morocco is considered “a great hope for the successful development of Africa.”

Wambora expressed his country’s desire to benefit from the rich Moroccan experience in the field of decentralization and deconcentration, stating that “many African countries, including Kenya, would like to learn from Morocco not only how to develop agriculture and promote tourism, but also benefit from its experience in good governance in the field of decentralization.”

The Kenyan official also praised Morocco’s political stability and tolerance embodied in the harmonious coexistence that prevails in our country between Muslims, Jews and Christians.

“Political stability and tolerance in the Kingdom, which is guaranteed by His Majesty’s leadership, are examples that should be strengthened throughout Africa” said Wambora.

On a different note, the Kenyan official called on all Moroccan regions to establish direct contacts with the Kenyan CoG in order to study common means and explore all opportunities that arise from all sides to develop the partnership between the two countries. He also invited Moroccan investors to visit Kenya and explore investment opportunities available there, especially in the food industry.

Moreover, Wambora said he is “impressed” by the level of development of Moroccan agriculture, as well as by the Kingdom’s policy of managing water resources through the construction of dams, and expressed Kenya’s interest in learning and benefiting from this unique Moroccan experience in Africa.

As for the Saharan matter, Wambora affirmed that he will insist on the central government’s support for Morocco’s autonomy plan, because “it is the only solution to this conflict.”

He added, in this context, that he would appoint ten governors from 47 councils to travel, as of May 15th, to southern provinces to investigate the situation in the region, stressing, “We are ready to visit the cities of Dakhla and Laayoune to put an end to the false allegations that some have made regarding Moroccan Sahara.”

For his part, El Mokhtar Ghambou invited Kenyan senior officials to come and visit the southern provinces of Morocco to see first-hand the economic and social development that has been achieved in the region.

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