Morocco Royal Armed Forces Set up a Military Observation Base in Guerguarat Crossing

In order to guarantee the natural flow of civilians and commercial trucks from and to Morocco, the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces set up a Military Observation Base Guerguarat Crossing

The Royal Armed Forces recently established a permanent security checkpoint at the heart of the Guerguerat border crossing to secure the flow of civilians and commercial trucks to and from the Kingdom of Morocco.

Securing this border crossing in Guerguerat comes after the launch of a successful military operation led by the Royal Armed Forces, in the buffer zone of Guerguerat, on November 13th last year, when it managed to extend its control over the area and re-secure the flow of goods and people through the border crossing between Morocco and Mauritania.

The establishment of the observation point comes within the framework of securing the area and the crossing point in order to put an end to any potential threat or obstruction caused by provocations led by separatist “Polisario” in the aforementioned region, and to re-establish civil and commercial freedom of movement towards Mauritania and Africa.

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