Michelle Bashelet welcomes Morocco’s positive cooperation

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bashelet, yesterday, Wednesday April 28,2021 in Geneva welcomed Morocco’s fruitful cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner and the United Nations human rights.
During an on ligne meeting with the United Nations Human Rights Council’s support group for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, in which 15 ambassadors, a number of assistants of permanent representatives and experts in charge of human rights issues at the permanent missions of the member states of the group in Geneva, Mrs. Bashlet expressed her desire to strengthen this cooperation And its gratitude to Morocco for its tangible contribution to the works and activities of the Human Rights Council.
Regarding the case of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, Ms. Bashlet acknowledged the political nature of the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, which is being dealt with under the auspices of the Security Council.

Moreover, the UN official announced that their office and the various tasks assigned to it had received several complaints of human rights violations in the Tindouf camps, especially the suppression of opponents of separatist leaders, the denial of the right of movement, the recruitment of children into military militias, and the prevention of movement outside the camps.

The UN official confirmed in the meeting the constant and firm support of the member states of this group for the territorial integrity of Morocco, and the measures taken by the Kingdom in response to the provocations of the armed militias of “Polisario”, with the support of Algeria.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to express, once again, this group’s rejection of Algeria’s procrastination maneuvers and its exploitation of human rights for political propaganda, through the alliance with a group of countries known for gross human rights violations.

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