Morocco’s Ambassador to Australia discusses ways to find solutions to the Moroccan Sahara case



Morooccan Sahara: Dynamics, stalemate and solution was the  title of a webinar which was held today 30th April attended by The Ambassador of Morocco in Australia  H .E Mr Karim Medrek , and a group of  university professors, researchers and lawyers from New Zealand and Morocco, they discussed the Moroccan Sahara’s case and the proposed solutions to resolve the conflict.

The Ambassador affirmed that despite Algeria’s support for the Polisario, the United Nations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights are still maintaining their steadfast position regarding the territorial integrity of Morocco by its continuous support and rejection of human rights violations in  Tindouf camps.

Especially the suppression of opponents to the  Leaders of Polisario and deprivation  of their most basic rights, while Jessica Swan asserted that Morocco had always been the first to peacefully discuss a solution for the dispute . Janette Hornne, a university professor in New Zealand, mentioned the most important steps taken by the United Nations to resolve the conflict and Morocco’s contribution to its permanent initiatives and intensive efforts to find a solution. she also emphasized that; autonomy plan is the best solution to this dispute’.

Shaibata Mrabihrabou said that ;more than 80 percent of the Sahraoui population are living in a sphere of democracy  and The Moroccan Sahara witnessed a large investments in all fields, especially the cities of El-Ayoun and Dakhla, and this has a great impact admitted by all African neighboring countries

He added: “We are living today, some of us are here and others there deprived of their most basic rights. He emphasized  the need for political pressure on Algeria to contribute solving the conflict.


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