The US Secretary of State describes his conversation with Burita as good and affirms: “Morocco has a major role in the stability of the region.

The US State Department said that the secretary of the state Anthony Blinken made a phone conversation with the Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita today, in which they discussed the political relationship between the two sides.

During this call, Blinken welcomed Moroccan positive progress to improve relations with Israel, noting that the Moroccan-Israeli relationship would bring long-term benefits to the two countries.
They also discussed opportunities for increased cooperation in Africa, enhancing stability, Blinken  talks  also about the main role of Morocco in promoting stability in Libya.
and he described the conversation with Bourita as good and  affirms that Morocco has a major role in the stability of the region And he wrote in a Twitt post on his Twitter account “Had a good conversation today with Moroccan Foreign Minister Bourita about a range of shared regional peace and security interests, including developments in Libya and our desire to see stability and prosperity there. Was also glad to wish all Moroccans a Ramadan Kareem”
The two sides also discussed the long-term reforms of King Mohammed VI over the past two decades.


According to the statement of the US State Department, and Blinken, they encourage Morocco to continue implementing these reforms and reaffirm its commitment protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Blinken praised King Mohammed VI’s leadership in reducing climate change and investing in renewable energy, encouraging Morocco to help promote green economic development in Africa.

The two ministers said that this year marks the bicentenary of the granting of the American Legation building TALIM in Tangiers to the American people by Sultan Moulay Soliman, and is an example of the long-term strategic partnership that the two countries plan to improve in the next few years.

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