Pablo Iglesias, Podemos Leader And Polisario Supporter, Quits Politics

Pablo Iglesias, leader of the Spanish leftist Podemos party, announced yesterday, May 4th, that he was withdrawing from politics after the electoral defeat that the left faced during Tuesday’s regional elections in Madrid.

“I give up all my duties and leave politics in its partisan sense”, Pablo Iglesias told his party’s militants following the announcement of the semi-final results of these regional elections.

The Podemos party, which was intending to overthrow the ruling oath in the Madrid region, won only ten seats in the regional parliament, according to the semi-final results of this election.

Pablo Iglesias, who is an outspoken supporter of the separatist “Polisario” front, has given up his position as vice president of the Spanish government to submit his candidacy for the presidency of the local government in Madrid.

All left-wing parties won 58 seats in these elections, seven seats less than People’s Party candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who won the election with 65 seats.

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