100 Billion Dirhams For High-Speed Train Project Linking Agadir And Marrakech

Abdelkader Amara, Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water said, “The completion of two high-speed train projects,” which will link Agadir and Marrakech, and the other one that will connect Kenitra to Marrakech, requires an estimated cost of 100 billion dirham

On Tuesday, during the oral questions session of the House of Councillors, Amara explained that the ministry had brought the matter to Mohammed VI Fund for Investment, and is also negotiating with a number of international partners ways to execute the two projects, indicating that there are countries that have shown their willingness to contribute to financing these projects.

Amara pointed out that it is difficult for the state budget to bear the financing of these projects, so we are trying to adopt new forms of investment based on the partnership between the public and private sectors in order to reduce the burden on the state budget, noting that the projects that have been completed in recent years have cost the state 70 billion Dirhams.

The royal speech, on the occasion of the forty-fourth anniversary of the Green March 2019, stressed the “vitality” and “strategy” of the project to connect the southern provinces with railways, pointing to the importance of this “new railway” that will contribute to breaking the isolation from these areas and promoting development Moving the economy, especially in the field of transporting people and goods, export support, tourism, and other economic activities.

King Mohammed VI affirmed that “this line will constitute a lever to create many job opportunities, not only in the Sous region, but also in all neighboring regions,” stressing that “the Souss-Massa region should be an economic center linking North and South Morocco, from Tangier in the north, and Oujda in the east, to our desert regions

The royal speech also stressed the need for Morocco to be based on harmonious and integrated bodies that benefit on an equal footing from the infrastructure, and from the major projects that should benefit all parties.

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