Morocco Summons Ambassador To Germany For Consultations Due To Hostile Positions

With this decision, the Kingdom breaks silence surrounding the suspension of relations with the German Embassy in Rabat.

The Kingdom of Morocco decided to summon His Majesty’s Ambassador to Berlin for consultations. This came after the Federal Republic of Germany accumulated hostile positions that violate the higher interests of the Kingdom. The decision ended the kingdom’s silence about the scenes of the suspension of contacts with the German Embassy in Rabat.

According to a communiqué issued a short while ago, of which Morocco Telegraph received a copy, Germany recorded a negative position on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, as this hostile stance came in the wake of the US recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Sahara, a dangerous position that has not been explained until now.

Likewise, the authorities of this country are participating in the prosecution of an individual who was “formerly convicted of acts of terror”, in addition to their disclosure of sensitive information provided by the Moroccan security services to their German counterparts.

In addition, there is an ongoing and relentless fight against the regional role that Morocco plays, and specifically the role of Morocco in the Libyan matter, by trying to exclude the Kingdom, without justification, from participating in some regional meetings devoted to this matter, such as those held in Berlin.

The communiqué concludes,”For all these reasons and due to this constant and unacceptable hostility, the Kingdom of Morocco has decided to recall the Ambassador of His Majesty the King to Berlin for consultation.”

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