Morocco Among Top 40 Countries With Attractive Marketplace

Morocco is the only lower-middle income country to feature in the top 40 Attractive Marketplace Pillar. 

Morocco is finally witnessing the positive outcome of the efforts made in the field of development. According to a new Chandler Good Government Index (CGGI) report, the Kingdom is among the top 40 countries with an “attractive marketplace”, in part because of the agricultural sector, which constitues one of the pillars of Moroccan economy.

As the report indicates, Morocco ranks 33rd, making it one of the top 40 countries in the world with an attractive marketplace. The report also places Morocco in 61st place in the world ranking out of 104 countries, thanks to its growing market.

Morocco is the only lower-middle income country to feature in the top 40 Attractive Marketplace Pillar which takes into account 5 factors namely; property rights with a global average score (GAS) of 0.56 (Morocco 0.7), macroeconomic environment (GAS 0.87/ Morocco 0.99), attracting investments (GAS 0.63/ Morocco 0.64), logistics quality (GAS 0.45/ Morocco 0.2), and finally stable business regulations (GAS 0.52/ Morocco 0.75). 

“The Moroccan economy has made significant progress over the past two decades,” notes the CGGI, referring to Morocco’s attractiveness for foreign investment and the country’s ability to firmly resist the economic crisis that has erupted after the Arab Spring.

“Morocco ranks 56th when it comes to ‘Attracting Investments’, but there are some notable recent developments that suggest an upward trend in this important area,” the report argues.

It should be noted that the Moroccan agricultural sector “has generated growth” as one of the key sectors, as reported by the same source. The sector, which has a positive impact on employment, contributes 19% to the kingdom’s GDP, thanks to the Green Morocco Plan, a project launched in 2008 that has contributed in revolutionizing Moroccan agriculture.

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