OIC: Foreign Ministers Commend Al-Quds Committee Role In Protecting The Holy City

Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) praised, yesterday Sunday, the role of al-Quds Committee, chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in the protection of the holy sites of al-Quds al-Sharif.

It is indicated, in a resolution released at the end of an extraordinary virtual meeting of OIC ministers to examine the aggressions perpetrated by Israeli authorities in occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in al-Quds, that the meeting “welcomed the role played by the chairmanship of al-Quds Committee in the protection of the holy city and in thwarting the measures taken by the Israeli occupation authorities with the aim of judaizing the holy city.”

At this meeting, Morocco was represented by a delegation led by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nezha El Ouafi, and included MM. Mohamed Akhrif, Director of Mashreq, the Gulf and Arab and Islamic Organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Abdellah Babah, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco to the OIC.

In this resolution, the organization expresses concern over the acceleration of Israel’s occupying Palestinian land policy, particularly the threat to forcibly evacuate hundreds of Palestinian families from their homes. The OIC also holds Israel fully responsible for the deterioration of the situation as a result of its systemic crimes against Palestinians.

In the same context, the OIC urged the international community to uphold its common obligations and take action to compel Israel to fulfill its obligations as an occupying authority, including the protection of Palestinians.

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