Giant Turkish Ships Seep Into Moroccan Waters

Giant Turkish ships entered the area between international waters and Moroccan waters in the open sea south of the Kingdom, where about 30 ships deliberately dumped their large nets and drained fish wealth without regard to international treaties.

The newspaper “Assabah” reported in its issue today, Monday, that the Turkish ships have returned to maneuver in the south of the Kingdom, after having disappeared from the region recently, in collusion with some of their collaborators in Morocco who were assigned the task of detecting the movements of the Royal Navy patrols to monitor ships.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, Turkish ships are classified within the category of gigantic ships, and their danger lies in catching all kinds of fish in large quantities, without respecting international treaties.

It should be recalled that Moroccan sailors spotted, last April, Turkish ships at the point 21 degrees north of Moroccan waters near the city of Dakhla, considering in a video that these ships share a fishing agreement with Mauritania, but they deliberately and often break into Moroccan marine waters, and violate the biological rest period for fish imposed by the Moroccan authorities on Moroccan seafarers.

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