The United States Breaks Silence Regarding Morocco – Spain Crisis

The United States has broken silence regarding the ongoing crisis between Morocco and Spain. The U.S. preferred not to go into details of this crisis, or to express a clear stance in favor of one side against the other, expressing a “transient” diplomatic position.

The American government considered this issue a bilateral issue between Morocco and Spain. In this regard, Spanish daily “La Razon” confirmed that the United States urged Spain and Morocco to work together to solve the crisis in the occupied city of Ceuta.

Jalina Porter, Spokeswoman for the US State Department, said during a news conference, “We support both Spain and Morocco working together for a resolution”, stressing that the US is committed to promoting “humane, orderly and fair migration processes.”

This position came at a time when the two countries are trying to contain the repercussions of this crisis, which has erupted since Brahim Ghali’s entry into Spain.

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