Morocco Threatens To Cut Ties With Spain If Polisario Leader Leaves Without Court Proceedings

The dilemma of Morocco’s northern neighbor, as a result of Ibrahim Ghali’s entry into Spanish territory with forged documents, took another turn.

Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita threatened that relations between Morocco and Spain meet their end, if Ghali is allowed to leave the country the same way he entered, without any judicial process.

During a live conversation on “Europe 1” radio, the minister affirmed that the solution is in Spain’s hands to manage the problem in which it has placed itself, and to determine its position whether it wants a strong relationship with Morocco or a tense relationship that “may reach the point of estrangement.”

The Moroccan official wondered if it was normal in the state of law to forge a passport and change the identity of a person to enter into European territory and then be dismissed while being accused og genocide, rape and torture.

At the same time, the minister wondered whether Spain had consulted with the European Union before Brahim Ghali entered the Schengen space with a false passport and a pseudonym, and whether it respected the legal standards for people to enter European territory.

In the same context, Bourita confirmed that Spain has created a crisis and wants the European Union to deal with it on its behalf.

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