Najat Benchiba-Savenius… Advisor Of The Elite Par Excellence

A graduate from the University of Oxford and the University of Durham, Benchiba also holds a degree in applied linguistics, and a PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Born and raised in the UK, with a heritage tracing back to the Moroccan city of Oujda, Dr. Najat Benchiba-Savenius is a successful femme d’affaires known among business circles for her dedication and spirit of professionalism.

A graduate from the University of Oxford and the University of Durham, Benchiba also holds a degree in applied linguistics, and a PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Throughout her professional course, Benchiba has gained a lot of experience in consultancy, especially at “McKinsey & Co” and “NBS Consulting” before joining the Think Tank “Oxford Strategic Consulting”, which eventually led to her launching her own consulting company under the name “Gazelle Advisory Group”, with the aim of providing advisory services to business elites, such ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) and first-rate institutions.

This year, the Group has won an award in the category of “Arab Wealth & Business Advisory Experts of the Year in the United Kingdom” at the Global Advisory Experts Awards 2021.

In a statement to Morocco Telegraph on this occasion, Benchiba says, “as a Moroccan woman born and raised in the UK, I am honored to receive this award. It’s even more exciting because I have been building my consulting firm for 5 years now and it has been successful so far despite working in a male-dominated industry”, noting that “since 2010, my family and I have been living in Singapore which has made me hungry for projects”.

Regarding her way of handling projects, she explains, “My dual-cultural Moroccan-British upbringing instilled in me an entrepreneurial spirit. I saw a gap in the Arab wealth advisory market and started working with prominent clients in the Arab world. I am well respected as a consultant in wealth management offices.”

The Moroccan-British femme d’affaires has traveled all over the world and has spoken at numerous global conferences on wealth management, as well as women’s rights to equal pay and board diversity. “Basically, my advocating for women and pushing governments to change public policy continues”, adds Benchiba.

Najat Benchiba-Savenius meeting His Majesty King Mohammed VI on Throne Day.

In the same context, Benchiba recalls her meeting with His Majesty King Mohammed VI in 2016, on the occasion of Throne Day, “I was honored to receive an invitation to meet the King of Morocco, whom I admire so much because of the many social and economic changes he has made to improve our country.”

To help the youth in their journey towards success, the entrepreneur reveals that she has been “mentoring men and women for years”. She recently held monthly leadership events for a mainly female audience with leading guest speakers in their field, such as chefs, industry leaders and successful businesswomen. “We must continue to work with the next generation of women to help them succeed”, notes Benchiba.

It is worth mentioning that Najat Benchiba-Savenius is also author to several academic publications; namely a work entitled A Structural Analysis of Moroccan Arabic and English Intra-Sentential Code Switching” which mainly tackles linguistic differences amongst speakers of different generational groups in the British-Moroccan community, and studies the use of “code-switched” styles during bilingual discourse.

In 2020, British magazine Finance Monthly named her “Woman of the Year” in the category of “SME Business Services” of the “Women in Finance Awards 2020 Winners Edition”. Benchiba was nominated alongside other women from all over the globe who have distinguished themselves in the world of business.

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